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Kapilendo digital assets Platform (KdaP) is an API-based technology stack that simplifies your interactions with digital assets. KdaP provides you with operational software for issuing digital assets, safeguarding and managing them in accordance with the highest security standards.

Use our full-stack or select the API-component you need to bring cutting-edge products to your customers. 

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Digital assets are shaping the new financial services industry.

Digital Assets represent the future of finance. But what are they exactly?

A Digital Asset is a digital representation of anything of value. Almost any asset can be represented digitally, hence the range of digital assets is large and contains currencies, precious metals, art and luxury goods, financial securities and....cryptoassets.

Cryptoassets are a subcategory of digital assets and consist of cryptographically secured digital representations of value, use some type of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and can be transferred, stored or traded electronically. Examples of cryptoassets are bitcoin, ether, monero or lumen.

Grafische Definition von Digital Assets

„Digital Assets are the biggest upgrade in the history of financial services. Money will be programmable. Securities will be programmable. And they will circulate at the speed of information. 
This upgrade will unlock an incredible amount of value and has already started upscaling the financial industry. Let's be a part of this!“

Didier Goepfert, Managing Director, Kapilendo Custodian AG

Our solutions at a glance

Designed to make your digital asset experience as smooth as possible

Issuance API in der Kapilendo Banking Plattform

Issuance of digital assets

Providing you access to the (digital) capital market 

Our Issuance framework combined with our legal know-how allows your company to issue digital financial instruments within a proven framework. We offer a fully-fledged, award-winning issuance protocol which can be integrated into your platform allowing your company to issues various types of digital assets (securities, utility token, etc.)

Read about our digital security issuance. (German) 

Custody API in der Kapilendo Banking Plattform

Digital asset custody 

We keep your digital assets safe. 

Our custody solution is available for third-parties as an API. This way, we offer interested parties our highly modern infrastructure within the rapidly growing ecosystem of digital assets. Our customers will be able to create their unique offering by matching the Custody API with the full range of Kapilendo's banking services.

Brokerage API of Kapilendo's Digital Asset Plattform

Secondary market trading and liquidity 

Our brokerage API complements our custodian and issuance interface and helps you interact with MTFs and provide secondary markets trading and liquidity to your digital securities.

Staking API in der Kapilendo Banking Plattform

Staking and validators services

Earn rewards on your digital asset holdings.

Staking consists of holding funds to support the operations of a Proof-of-Stake crypto network through a reward-driven process. Stakeholders of PoS crypto networks can earn rewards by delegating their stake to validators or staking operators which are fulfilling operations to secure a crypto network and earn the associated rewards on behalf of the stakeholders. 

Our solutions can be used by many

Wealth Managers

You are a wealth management or private banking firm and want to provide your customers with investments solutions to gain exposure towards cryptoassets. 

Infrastructure Providers

You provide infrastructure services but are lacking expertise in the European regulatory framework? 

Small & Medium-sized Enterprises 

You are an SME and are looking for a digital, cost-efficient and fast financing solution?  

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Advantages for your business

Focus on your clients

The offering crypto-related services is now regulated in Germany and soon within the EU. To help you stay focused on your customers, we provide a compliant one-stop solution for the management of your customer's digital assets.  

Product Innovation 

Digital assets, crypto assets and decentralized finance are reshuffling the financial services industry. Our experience in launching new digital products along with our cutting-edge API stack will allow to significantly reduce the time to market of your new products. 

Flexible integration

Design individual solutions for your customers by accessing our full range of banking services, such as the emission of digital securities for corporate financing. Integrate our APIs within your infrastructure and keep everything under your brand.

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